Today’s Fitness Pairing: Injured + WFH

I am home today working on a big project that requires focus. It’s also winter, cold and I’m injured (long story — but a fall in Patagonia which essentially caused me whiplash in has reared it’s head so I’m nursing both a sore knee and neck as I work with my chiropractor through the recovery) which means no running! I even have to be careful about my strength training.

So, today, I re-installed the Peloton cycle app and paired a 30 minute Intervals & Arms Ride lead by Jessica with a 20 minute Yoga Sculpt class with Brett Larkin which is actually Day 1 in a New Year’s challenge.

Both workouts were really great. And it’s times like these that I really appreciate technology and the fact that I have a spin bike, extra Apple TV and space upstairs to move in. I’ll never be a strictly at-home workout girl. I like the coaching, community and options that being a club member provides. But on days like this when my schedule is tight and I’m working from home, it’s so nice to have the option to pop upstairs, sweat, reset and get right back at it.


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