29773809421_375a7843cd_oCheers. I’m Heather, a forty-something in midwest america. I’m a marketing and digital professional by day, an obsessed dog-owner by night. I workout a lot. I’m married with no kids. And I used to also keep an “online journal” that I started back in 1997. For the record, that was before blogging or social networks and was something that I kept kind of a secret from those who knew me in real life because I didn’t think they’d get it. Now, twenty years later, here we are in the age of influencers and social networks and an interactive industry that I’ve been lucky to call my profession.

Sometimes, I miss those good ole days of the small, tightly knit online journaler community that was a hodgepodge of nerds and writers and lovers of HTML. It’s been a beautiful industry to be able to watch being born and grow up and change lives.

I don’t blog much anymore. In fact, I let my domain name expire years ago. But as my career has gotten me more into management and distanced me from the actual making of things, I do find I miss writing and sharing which is how I find myself back here almost twenty years later. Let’s see how this time goes…